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Alarm systems


The hazard and intrusion detection technology has only one meaning: the protection of people and property. Here are the customer comfort and confidence in the technology in the foreground.


Our customized systems will protect you if you are at home or your property, if you are somewhere outside the home.

We offer the security of home, commercial and property while respecting special structural conditions, personal needs ( children, animals, ... ) or, for example, additional protection of valuables such as paintings, sculptures or the contents of a safe or entire buildings.


Our range of services in key points:


  • Complete radio -based technology or partially wireless solutions

  • Conventional wireline solutions

  • Control of the condition of the road via apps

  • Integration dissuasive measures such as outdoor lighting

  • Protection from threats and assault

  • Protection against water or fire damage

  • Emergency call systems for personal discomfort

  • Elevator emergency

  • Ensuring closure of the object ( alarm can be activated only if all the windows and doors were locked)

  • Intrusion on security firms

  • Hedging of restricted zones

  • Hedge Company

  • Construction of panic rooms

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