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Video surveillance


The video surveillance technology allows you to take in your surroundings insight, without thereby into danger and thus provides protection of persons, land, buildings, vehicles, premises or valuables from criminal attacks.

Watch when on the move what happens on your reason, whether in the private or commercial sector. Through the analytic movement triggered recording and release of back up automatically evidence and relieve your staff going to keep track.








Our range of services in key points:


  • IP video technology

  • The analog video technology

  • Video switchers for up to 2000 cameras

  • Video sensors ( user alarm evaluation )

  • Video recording and analysis

  • Protection of industrial plants

  • Protection of military areas

  • Protection for authorities

  • By video of ad portable terminal devices

  • Perimeter protection of large terrains by creating a " virtual fence "

  • Covert video surveillance

  • Site supervision

  • Mobile video surveillance

  • Construction of operational centers

  • Intelligent video management systems

  • Video server farms


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